The all-in-one toolkit for Lost and Found.

Before the Liff App, Lost and Found was a hot mess! Customers were freaking out over their lost valuables, while organizations drowned in a sea of people and found items. Spreadsheets, online forms, emails, voicemails, shipping labels – you name it, they tried it. But it was all a big fail!

Enter the Liff App and BOOM! Everything’s calm, cool, and collected. Customers are over the moon about finding their lost stuff, and those phones? They’re quiet as a mouse! Lost and Found has never been so blissful!

So, if you’re tired of the chaos and want to experience some Lost and Found fun, join the Liff App party! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Liff App Customers

Where you've found us...

...or we found you!

Stop loss before it happens

Let customers Protect what they care for most, the Liff App’s Protect and Kid Tags prevent the anxiety and stress of loss by bringing the power of Lost Mode to everything they treasure. 

Security and control over their contact information for anything they’d like to keep safe. 

Find items at scale

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Event services that make customers happy

At Liff, we’re Lost and Found gurus who turn frowns upside down. With our fun-loving team and cutting-edge software, we’re all about creating an unforgettable onsite experience and delivering some serious post-event magic.

So, whether you’re searching for a lost item or just want to make sure you’re prepared, choose Liff for Lost and Found that’s stress-free and fun.


Countdown Music Festival

“I love how fast they mailed my ID back.”

Firefly Music Festival

“Literally got it in less than 48 hours from the time I clicked ‘shipping’ to my mailbox ”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“Cause it only went to 10….actually experience was like 10,0000

EDC Las Vegas Music Festival

“I found my ID and I rang a giant cowbell to celebrate!”

Lollapalooza Music Festival

“I love how easy it was to find my wallet with their QR code system.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“10/10. That text to me was life saving!”

Firefly Music Festival

“You guys went above and beyond and compared the name on my ID to the ticket I bought to get my contact info and notify me that I lost my ID”

Coachella Music Festival

“They found my stuff without me even knowing that I lost it!”

Lollapalooza Music Festival

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