What attendees have to say about Liff Happens Lost & Found:

  • They had found my wallet before I knew I had even lost it. received a text and had it back in my hands within a few hours.

  • Single-handedly one of the most helpful things that ever happened to me at a music festival! Without Liff Happens’ Phone Loaner program I would of been forced to leave the festival heartbroken!

  • Uploading pics real-time saved me. Lost my keys and saw them on the app the next day. Great system.

  • Honestly I think every festival should have this! If I would of lost my passport drivers license I wouldn’t of gotten back to Canada! I can’t imagine but I’m sure there has been lots of others in my position and didn’t get it back due to not having a service like this provided!

  • It was great to see a photo of my phone online so I knew it was really there. Plus the guy who helped me out was really cute and told me about his cute dog 🙂

  • I was so happy. I left my phone in a bathroom and was so so sure that it was gone. Then I checked my emails and saw that Lost & Found had it! Such a great experience and so relieving.

  • I lost my Canadian driver’s licence which was also a passport! I’m so happy that they found it and had a fast and quick solution to making sure it was actually mine! Thanks so much again!

  • If you’re referring to the lost and found system then this needs to be at every single festival there is. The way your system works with the tagging and photos is amazing and I think this would be beneficial at all festivals.

  • The gentleman that helped me was kind and patient with me and helped me calm down well.

  • I received a text from the company that they found my item and sent me a link to help me have it shipped. Super easy and convenient.

  • They had found my wallet before I knew I had even lost it. received a text and had it back in my hands within a few hours.

  • I was contacted through LinkedIn, which tells me you guys put some decent effort into locating the people whose items are lost. Thanks!!

Turnkey Lost & Found

Turnkey Lost & Found

Festival Producers worry no more! Liff Happens’ experts have been delivering onsite execution for years at major Music Festivals across the US. Our experts adeptly manages items, attendee loss, and even theft with ease.

From optimizing the planning to superior execution and even post-festival operations Liff Happens can take the entire burden off your hands.

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But we have a box already...

You also have quite a long & sad line… Your customers need more than just a well maintained box and you want satisfied attendees engaging with your activations, vendors, and especially your sponsors, not despairing in an endless line.

The Liff Happens platform and services optimize the customer interaction through technology and expertise to get attendees back to the music festival faster, happier, and with more of their stuff.

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But we have a box already...

Power of a Found Customer

Solving Actual Customer Problems

Solving Actual Customer Problems

Loss impacts your event much greater than a few unhappy customers. Lost wallets, IDs, credit cards, phones, and keys mean less time and more importantly less money spent at your festival.

Liff Happens has the tools, expertise, and technology to solve your customers’ problems.

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