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Enterprise Software

Software and tools empower organizations to manage the end to end consumer experience for loss, stolen, and found items.

Turnkey Management

Expert service to remove the entire burden of loss operations and replace it with a turnkey experience leaving behind a wake of happy consumers.

Consumer Tools

Tools and services right when the consumer needs it most to avoid, manage, and quickly recover from any kind of loss event. 

What else we provide?

Consumer Experience Insurance

Loss reduction is the most practical insurance available and helps to avoid negative outcomes.

Item Backups & Loaners

Keeping customers engaged by always having a backup available for important items your consumers need.

World Class Expertise

The Liff Happens' Team applies their years of loss prevention and event management experience for the best in class process, period. Have questions? We have answers.

Reunited Items
Value Returned

What our consumers say

They had found my wallet before I knew I had even lost it. received a text and had it back in my hands within a few hours.

Firefly Attendee

Single-handedly one of the most helpful things that ever happened to me at a music festival! Without Liff Happens' Phone Loaner program I would of been forced to leave the festival heartbroken!

Firefly Attendee

Uploading pics real-time saved me. Lost my keys and saw them on the app the next day. Great system.

Firefly Attendee

Honestly I think every festival should have this! If I would of lost my passport drivers license I wouldn't of gotten back to Canada! I can't imagine but I'm sure there has been lots of others in my position and didn't get it back due to not having a service like this provided!

Firefly Attendee

You guys rock!!

Lost Lands Attendee

It was great to see a photo of my phone online so I knew it was really there. Plus the guy who helped me out was really cute and told me about his cute dog 🙂

Firefly Attendee

I was so happy. I left my phone in a bathroom and was so so sure that it was gone. Then I checked my emails and saw that Lost & Found had it! Such a great experience and so relieving.

Firefly Attendee

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About us

Lost & Found is a well known but rarely understood process. One that the Liff Happens Team is working to change. We are introducing innovative technology and tools to help organizations and their consumers take control over lost, stolen, and even found items. 

We began by rolling up our sleeves and doing the physical work of managing the lost and found operations with one of the most intense industries for it, music festivals. 


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