The all-in-one toolkit for Lost and Found.

Before the Liff App: Lost and Found is a problem; for customers, the intensity of a lost valuable, for organizations, the overwhelming deluge of people and found stuff–spreadsheets, online forms, email, voicemail, shipping labels, etc., just can’t keep up!

After the Liff App: You feel an overpowering calm–organization is default, customers are ecstatically finding their stuff, and those ringing phones have gone silent. Pure Lost and Found bliss! 

Liff Happens Festival Customers

Where you've found us...

...or we found you!

Stop loss before it happens

Coachella Protect Wallpaper

Upfront prep ends with an exceptional payoff. Let your customers prevent the painful experience of loss by protecting their valuables with the Liff App.

Find items at scale

EDC Lost and Found Item Page

Event services that make customers happy

With years of experience in Lost and Found at massive music festivals, we know a thing or two about what customers need when an item goes missing. The Liff team helps shape an extraordinary onsite experience and delivers surprise and delight post-event.


Countdown Music Festival

“I love how fast they mailed my ID back.”

Firefly Music Festival

“Literally got it in less than 48 hours from the time I clicked ‘shipping’ to my mailbox 👏

Lost Lands Music Festival

“You guys are freaking awesome thanks for getting my phone back to me!

Okeechobee Music Festival

“I found my ID and I rang a giant cowbell to celebrate!”

Lollapalooza Music Festival

“I love how easy it was to find my wallet with their QR code system.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“10/10. That text to me was life saving!”

Firefly Music Festival

“You guys went above and beyond and compared the name on my ID to the ticket I bought to get my contact info and notify me that I lost my ID”

Coachella Music Festival

“They found my stuff without me even knowing that I lost it!”

Lollapalooza Music Festival

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