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Ticket Data + Lost and Found = Magic

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Tickets + Lost and Found = Magic A very exciting partnership to deliver a novel experience to festival attendees (if we ever get back to having festivals again). The integration of Front Gate Tickets’ RFID technology and ticket database will help to reduce loss at festivals, speed up item return to owners, support seamless onsite […]

Coachella Lost and Found Postcard

Coachella Lost and Found

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  Lost something at Coachella in 2019? You can search all the Coachella Lost and Found by clicking the button below: 2019 Coachella Lost and Found Indio, California the city of Festivals. Well technically, Chicago has more major festivals in the city proper and surrounding area than anywhere else in the USA, but I guess […]

clock can't wait around

Loss is too important to wait around…

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When something goes missing time can become the most important element for your customer experience. By ignoring the constraints of needing information and answers quickly, no matter how awesome the rest of the experience is you may of already blown it.

Festival Production: What’s Really Being Lost at Lost and Found

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Lost & Found is a common experience, so common that Napoleon actually set up the first official one and it hasn’t changed much since.

In honor of this lack of process innovation we are taking the festival producers perspective and diving into what is really being lost in the Lost & Found (hint: it’s not the stuff we are talking about).

pile of random items

Lost and Found After a Music Festival

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The Music is over and the attendees have left, and hopefully showered finally, but there is still a lot of festival operations left.

One of the most time sensitive and often customer centric operations are the post-event Lost & Found. Get prepared to have a bunch of random stuff in your office as we dive into what a post-event L&F might look like.