Lost Lands Lost and Found Postcard

Lost Lands Lost and Found

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First off if you lost something at Lost Lands then definitely search the Lost Lands Lost and Found below: Firefly 2019 Lost & Found So… Lost Lands Music Festival 1,000,000 Watts of Bass! Plus some pretty sweet dinosaur pics! The Lost Lands Music Festival started in September of 2018 located at Legend Valley, Ohio. A […]

After Lost and Found

But what happens after Lost and Found?

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After Lost and Found, what happens to the stuff? You wouldn’t believe it, but we get asked about what happens to all the stuff after Lost and Found almost as much as “Do you have my phone?”. It’s a close-ish 2nd place. So what does happen after Lost and Found? We can only speak for […]

Coachella Lost & Found Postcard

Coachella Lost and Found

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  Lost something at Coachella in 2019? You can search all the Coachella Lost and Found by clicking the button below: 2019 Coachella Lost and Found Indio, California the city of Festivals. Well technically, Chicago has more major festivals in the city proper and surrounding area than anywhere else in the USA, but I guess […]

For the Love of Data Backups

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Data is more precious than gold, even gold iPhones. Your priceless pictures, contacts, text messages, application data, and even phone settings can be frustrating and so terribly sad when lost. But… software makes that a worry of the past if a device goes missing, with the caveat that you set up a backup BEFOREHAND! iPhone […]

Prohibited Items & Security

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Basically, a list of all the things security is going to take from and most likely never see it again. Totally a “you’ve been warned list!” Speakers & Audio Equipment A fairly new change for Festivals like Coachella but an expensive loss. Check the prohibited list to see if there are new sound rules and […]

Apple & Google Pay

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Apple & Google Pay are super cool but you may be wondering how the heck to use it. Never fear for the Geeky Liff Crew has you covered here.  Pro Tip: if you add some cards to your digital wallet then try leaving them at home or at least in the car so you don’t […]

Lost Phone- Emergency Contact & Medical ID Guide

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I think losing your phone might count as an emergency in some circumstances… So lets set that shiz up: Apple Guide to Setting Up an Emergency Contact & Medical ID Locate and open the Health App Select the Medical ID tab in the bottom right Tap “Create Medical ID” or Edit in the top right […]

Locations Services

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Find My iPhone & Find My Device are crucial tools to recovering a phone when it goes missing. There is a catch though. These services have to be on.  Apple: Find My iPhone Set Up Open Settings Click on your name at the top Select iCloud Select Find My iPhone Click it on (if it […]