For the Love of Data Backups

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Data is more precious than gold, even gold iPhones. Your priceless pictures, contacts, text messages, application data, and even phone settings can be frustrating and so terribly sad when lost. But… software makes that a worry of the past if a device goes missing, with the caveat that you set up a backup BEFOREHAND! iPhone […]

Apple & Google Pay

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Apple & Google Pay are super cool but you may be wondering how the heck to use it. Never fear for the Geeky Liff Crew has you covered here.  Pro Tip: if you add some cards to your digital wallet then try leaving them at home or at least in the car so you don’t […]

Lost Phone- Emergency Contact & Medical ID Guide

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I think losing your phone might count as an emergency in some circumstances… So lets set that shiz up: Apple Guide to Setting Up an Emergency Contact & Medical ID Locate and open the Health App Select the Medical ID tab in the bottom right Tap “Create Medical ID” or Edit in the top right […]

Locations Services

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Find My iPhone & Find My Device are crucial tools to recovering a phone when it goes missing. There is a catch though. These services have to be on.  Apple: Find My iPhone Set Up Open Settings Click on your name at the top Select iCloud Select Find My iPhone Click it on (if it […]

Airplane Mode- A Thief’s Best Friend

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Airplane Mode is great for battery life but really terrible for finding your phone. It’s also a regular tool for less than friendly neighborhood pickpockets to disable Find My iPhone. To prevent this we need to turn off the control panel on your lock screen (sorry Android peeps your guide is too technical and device […]

Police Lost & Found Costs UK $1.95 Million Annually

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Uk police are calling Lost & Found Quits or Lost Property as they say across the pond.

As police continue to pull back important services they identify as “community services” we start to wonder, “what are the police really for?”

Then we realize that is a bit too philosophical for this blog piece so we just dig into what is the community suppose to do if they don’t have a lost property service anymore.

Samsung IMEI Number

Find my phones IMEI number

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Decrypting the mysterious but occasionally vitally important acronym IMEI. This number will help save your but if you lose your phone, need to report anything for insurance purposes, and how to store the info for later use.

Missing or lost wallet

Lost wallet! Now what?!?!?!?

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Oh (insert favorite swear here)!?!?!? You’ve gone and done it again. Your wallet is gone and you still have no clue what to do now.

Don’t worry your self one bit. We’ve brought together the steps you should consider and we will try to help get you back on track.