Apple AirTags

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Finally, the Apple AirTags has debuted, and we wanted to take a look at the new kid on the block in the Lost and Found space and probably throw some shade at Tile for missing all the features we love. What do we love! As Lost and Found nerds, we love new tech and new […]

Cost of Lost and Found

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Lost and Found is a massive problem, and a pretty common topic we talk about.  Everyone can relate to losing an item and intuitively knows how frustrating navigating the lost and found process can be.  But what is the real cost in Lost and Found? For the Individual Loss can be intense. The cost is […]

Kano Model for Lost and Found

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The Kano Model is a theory to describe product development and customer satisfaction over time, developed by Professor Noriaki Kano in the 1980s. Essentially, the theory goes that your customers’ satisfaction with a product attribute can depend on the level of functionality, but over time that delight decays. Each of the features will fall into […]

Lost and Found at the Festival

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On-site at a music festival can be a pretty wild place, so wild that Lost and Found is an all too regular stop. Even though losing something can be a common occurrence, life at a music festival turns that experience up to 11 for consumers. A well run Lost and Found is often a downright lifesaver. […]

Crowdsource Lost and Found Software Solution

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Most of the problems in Lost and Found is created by crowds collectively misplacing stuff. In an airport, arena, music festival, and the every day shops, Lost and Found becomes a problem.  The Liff App shows how a crowdsource lost and found software solution solves a lot of the common staff and customer problems that […]

Burning Money

Why Lost and Found Software Shouldn’t Be Free

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It’s an unpopular opinion but any consequential task shouldn’t be left up to free software. If it’s important to your customer or crucial to your operation then free means you’re paying for it somewhere. So free lost and found software shouldn’t exist and let me tell you why. Free isn’t Free Businesses need to make […]

Phones on a Table with Labels

Lost and Found Solutions

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People lose things.  For the individual, lost property is an intense problem. For the organization, lost property is overwhelmingly frequent. Your Lost and Found solutions therefor must address both frequency and intensity of lost property to avoid frustration for both parties. Additionally, you are likely trying to improve either the customer service experience or reduce […]

empty airport

Airport Lost and Found

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Airport Lost and Found The TSA estimates that approximately 90,000 to 100,000 items are left behind at checkpoints each month. This means you’re probably quite busy managing the Lost and Found at the Airport office, or the warehouse in many cases. If you’re looking for ways to ease the workload and save a bunch of time, we […]

Social Distancing size of a bear

Contactless Lost and Found

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Contactless Lost and Found Social distancing may be the new normal. While we’re enjoying the extra personal space, a Contactless Lost and Found has it’s challenges.  Well you’re in luck as know a thing or two, in this instance three, about Lost and Found 😉 😉. As organizations prepare for the return to normal-ish here […]

Tickets on the wall

Ticket Data + Lost and Found = Magic

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Tickets + Lost and Found = Magic A very exciting partnership to deliver a novel experience to festival attendees (if we ever get back to having festivals again). The integration of Front Gate Tickets’ RFID technology and ticket database will help to reduce loss at festivals, speed up item return to owners, support seamless onsite […]