clock can't wait around

Loss is too important to wait around…

When something goes missing time can become the most important element for your customer experience. By ignoring the constraints of needing information and answers quickly, no matter how awesome the rest of the experience is you may of already blown it.

Google Cloud Summit: Machine Learning for Lost & Found

The age old question of hotdog or not a hotdog? The Liff Happens Crew is at the Google Cloud Summit get our learning on with some of the best minds on Machine Learning, some really cool tech, and of course how all this may apply to solving the debilitating problem of losing your keys.

Firefly Music Festival Welcome sign

Firefly Festival Lost and Found

A little story about the 2018 Firefly Music Festival lost & found and the founding of Liff Happens.

If you love dramatic underdog stories then this is definitely not ideal for you (that’s the next story).

Don't put an ID in the blue US Mailboxes

Stop Dropping IDs in the Mail

So I found an item. Now what? If you want to guarantee that it won’t get back then by all means just drop it of on the USPS.

Otherwise, these are your best options for reuniting that item with the owner.