Coachella Lost and Found

Coachella Lost & Found Postcard

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Coachella Lost & Found Postcard

Indio, California the city of Festivals. Well technically, Chicago has more major festivals in the city proper and surrounding area than anywhere else in the USA, but I guess we have a few other things going on so we’ll let Indio have this one…

What's the Coachella Music Festival?

You’re joking right? That cannot be a serious question cause Coachella is like… Coachella.

Parks & Recreation gif about Ginuwine

But seriously. “The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.” (thank you Wikipedia).

It’s a two weekend festival held in April every year and kind of a big deal. Typically, 100,000 people attend each day to engage with large scale art, upscale dining (some amazing Spanish Latte from Menottis), and of course the huge Musical Acts. 

Cool... cool... So why Coachella Lost and Found?

Noted the condescending nature of your question and deciding to take the highroad by just answering as if it was asked sincerely. Well… when a large number of people get together, a large number of stuff tends to go missing. Like a lot. 

So an amazing Lost & Found operation has to be called upon. It can really help save people from a rough situation. Let’s be real, no one is prepared to navigate the desert without their iPhone X…

Coachella Lost & Found in person

Seems like we’ve heard all this before?

True. We’ve written about Lost & Found at Music Festivals before but the big difference is… um… this is Coachella?

I don’t know if you read before but it’s kind of a big deal. Also, the Liff App helped return over $500,000 in stuff back to their owners so that’s also a pretty big deal. This was achieved by an amazing onsite team working their butts off for attendees, some sweet technology and constant improvements (patting ourselves on the back here), and a crowd of honest people who helped turn items in to get back to their owners.

Um… oh and also we built a new, but terribly named, service for attendees called “Surrendered Items”. 


What's Surrendered Items? Awful name btw...

Wow… straight shooter asking the questions here. Yup bad name, but actually a sort of nice customer service. 

“Surrendered Items” is for all the attendees that brought in (or tried sneaking in) certain prohibited items, think large speakers or drones. At most festivals you have a TSA style that’s not allowed so it’s thrown out or trashed. Bit of bummer for an attendee as the first experience when getting to the festival grounds. Coachella however isn’t your typical festival. 

Instead, attendees get to, using the Liff App of course, “Surrender” their item to the festival to hold during the duration of the event and then pick up the item at the conclusion. We do some pretty awesome item tracking, make sweet labels, and keep attendees in the loop through email & text, but of course the important part is the experience is way less of a TSA style bummer. 

So what did the attendees think?

Well, we’re thinking they took the experience pretty well —>
Sidenote: Blackpink is in fact amazing so you might want to go check that out.
Instagram post from a happy attendee about his Coachella Lost and Found & Liff Happens experience

Chat with the Liff Happens Crew

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