Firefly Music Festival 3 days in 2019

The music gods have finally announced the 2019 dates for the Firefly Music Festival, June 21st-23rd 2019. In this news you may have noticed it will be 3 days, instead of the typical 4, and we cannot be more psyched about it. 

4 days for camping is forever

You may be bummed by this news with the response similar to “but we are losing an entire day of music and wonder in the woodlands.” While this statement may be true it doesn’t leave you open to the possibility of the higher quality time that you have. 4 days of camping actually turns into 6 days (7 or 8 if you have far to travel) when you arrive onsite Wednesday and use Monday to get out of there. It can be an exhausting time for attendees and certainly quite straining for the producers (we should know).

That's us after 4 days in 2018... we smell

So what’s so great about 3 days then?

I’m sure you’re quite skeptical that this is still a good thing for your experience. This allows the producers to really condense the music, activations, and engagements into the really good stuff that Firefly has built over the years, instead of random filler stuff to get through the days. No more Wednesday and Thursday in the heat and humidity with little going just zapping your energy. 3 packed days of entertainment so when Sunday rolls around you are still ready to go go go!

Ya… but Lolla is 4 days so what gives?

Sh… shhu… shut your mouth… Lolla is great and an amazing example of a music festival, in our lovely hometown, but Lolla has shorter days with no one camping. Camping rocks for a festival, but it can get quite draining “surviving” on your own like that. Embrace the time you’ll have and get ready to get more out of it.

Other announcement: Loyalty Program

Maybe the smartest thing I’ve seen come out of a festival in awhile, well other than the kickass lost & found stuff of course. If you were a fan before the changes you get rewarded. Goldenvoice is taking FIrefly super super cereal! They know we might be a little scared of change, but I definitely won’t pass up free rewards and we are pumped to give them a chance to wow us in the Woodlands!
Waynes world gif

Last bit: Sweet New Website

Not surprised at all but the Goldenvoice team rocks! They just have great taste, looking at you Coachella, and the new website is no exception. I’m a huge fan of an amazing user experience so this in particular get me excited. Long time fans and new curios seekers should go check out what the new site and new-ish Firefly Music Festival has to offer at

Other goings on: Camp Flog Gnaw

The Liff Happens team is pumped to follow the news for Firefly 2019 and in the meantime we are digging into other GV & AEG festival, this Saturday Tyler the Creator is presenting Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. We are ready to battle another cold cold Chicago winter with the destination of summer music keeping our hope alive.

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