Find. Return.


Digital tools and services to return value to enterprise & their customers

Built by the folks at Liff Happens with the most comprehensive approach to Lost & Found

What the Liff App platform offers

Increased Returns

Our tools and services increase the amount of found items and returns by more than 30%

Greater Customer Spend

Instantly returning and replacing items can lead to more than $100,000 in returned spend available to your customer and your festival

Return Customers

Liff App users are happier at a 50% higher rate than alternative experiences and on average >70% users say they will be returning to the event

Extended Brand Value

Extend the value of your brand before and after your event by providing value to an everyday occurrence, while staying relevant.

Prevention Program

Users can avoid the experience of loss entirely. By registering their items with the Liff App the users will be guided through a process to enable location services, back up devices, and how to avoid the loss entirely. If the devices or other items are lost the registered items guide finders through the process of turning items in while immediately triggering notifications that the item has been found. 

Festival Management

From planning and setup to execution the Liff Happens experts will work closely with festival partners to deliver the premier end to end loss experience. 

Users will be delighted to access helpful information and query the loss inventory directly through the festivals website, mobile application, onsite kiosks, and in-person at the lost & found location. 

Liff App users are guided through best steps to improve the chances of return, guard against further risks, and even access instant replacements and alternatives.

Post Event Reunions

The Liff App ensures the maximum number of returns by verifying home address and providing return shipping worldwide. After an event has concluded the Liff Happens experts will still be tracking customers down to guarantee a happy experience.

The Liff App can also connect and verify peer to peer returns, if one of your attendees accidentally goes home with a found item.

Case Study: 2018 Firefly Music Festival

“Single-handedly one of the most helpful things that ever happened to me at a music festival! Without it I would of been forced to leave the festival heartbroken!”

-Beth, 2018 Firefly Music Festival Attendee