Liff Happens

Liff Happens

Lost & Found Platform

Finding that works.

$1,500,000+ in items returned to owners

Loss Prevention

Stop loss before it happens

Protect allows consumers to register their important items directly with the Lost & Found to avoid the negative experience of loss.

Educating consumers before items go missing reduces overall loss and increases awareness of the Lost & Found process to improve item turn in, retrieval, and recovery.

Pre-registration example Phone

Customer Self-Service

Finding items at Scale

Remove the barriers to customers finding the items they’re searching for. Search found items 24/7.

Self-service reduces the time to locate an item resulting in significant time saving for staff and reduction of customer anxiety during the Lost & Found process.

Onsite Tools

Manage the onsite chaos

Tools to log, track, and reunite found items, plus so much more. 

Thermal Printer


Taking the problem off your hands

The event is over but Lost & Found is just picking up. Liff Happens Post-Event Service has the experts take care of Lost & Found while your team can focus on core functions, like the next show.

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