Liff Happens

Liff App for Operations Teams

Changing the way staff and customers navigate loss. Liff App standardizes the found process to save time and stress, while increasing your customer experience.

Meet the Liff App: the place where your customers begin a self-service reunion with their missing items

Preventing Loss

Liff App lets consumers register and tag items before they go missing to increase the chances of return. Registered items come with additional consumer education, best practice tips, and guide “finders” on how to reunite found items.

Managing Operations

Software and turnkey services to manage the user and item journey end to end. By quickly turning lost into found the organization recovers paying customers.

Consumer Services 

When items go missing, even temporarily, consumers can have a wide variety of challenges. The Liff App provides direct to consumer services to reduce risk, provide temporary replacement, and even future protection.

Prevention Program

By registering their items with the Liff App consumers can avoid the experience of loss entirely. Users are guided through a process to enable location services, back up devices, and how to avoid the loss entirely. 

If these items go missing tags will guide finders through the process of reuniting them with their owners, while immediately triggering a notification to update the owner.

Managing Operations

From planning and setup to execution the Liff Happens experts will work closely with partners to deliver the premier end to end loss experience. 

The Liff App software platform standardizes the found process for staff to deliver an easy to use self-service portal for your customers.

Users will be delighted to access helpful information and query the loss inventory directly through the organization’s website, mobile application, onsite kiosks, and even in-person at the lost & found location. 

Consumer Services

Loss, even temporary loss, creates a wide range of problems for your consumers that distract from engagement with the organization, while reducing customer spend and increasing churn.

The Liff App provides actionable steps for consumers to protect themselves from further risk, increases the chance of return, provides immediate alternatives, and helps protect consumers from future occurrences.