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Solving Loss

More than just a list of random features, but if you want that we’d be happy to oblige so drop us a note with the button below:

But how do you solve loss?

When an item goes missing customers are reaching out to look for the item. So we started there.

Let users actually look for their stuff

Pretty simple really. We try to get customers their missing stuff back by actually letting them look for it. 

Slotted right into your website & mobile app so customers can search the found items 24/7. No middlemen or waiting for someone to respond just see if it’s there.

But it might show up later

If they find it (AMAZING) then they can pick it up or have it shipped back, but what happens if they don’t?

Try keeping them informed with an Item Alert. Item Alerts keep customers connected to the process, subscribe to new item updates, and helps to answer questions:

  • 70% is a regular feed of new items as they come in
  • 10% chance of an auto-match to the missing item (yup the Liff App will match up items as they are logged in)
  • 20% is really useful information for their situation, like getting on a flight without ID or how insurance works and so on.
Liff App Item Alert
Coachella pre-registration example

Skip loss entirely

Pro tip: quickest way to a return is avoiding losing it

The Liff App helps avoid loss (period). Users can register their stuff before they lose it. Not only does this reduce overall loss but it dramatically shortens the time when items go missing by guiding finders on how to turn items in and immediately messaging the owner when found. 

<— Try it out by scanning the QR Code

Other stuff we do too

Turnkey Event Management

This problem can take more than “just” software to solve. So we take our expertise on the road to take on the entire event & festival process. 

ML, AI, and Image Recognition

Oh we totally dabble in cutting edge tech but ultimately to get more stuff back, help ease the pain of loss, and save more time.

Shipping & Postcards

We do some neat stuff automating shipping to return items and also using snail-mail to extend reach by getting the word out about found stuff.

Contact Us

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