Festival Production: What’s Really Being Lost at Lost and Found

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Lost & Found is a common experience, so common that Napoleon actually set up the first official one and it hasn’t changed much since.

In honor of this lack of process innovation we are taking the festival producers perspective and diving into what is really being lost in the Lost & Found (hint: it’s not the stuff we are talking about).

pile of random items

Lost and Found After a Music Festival

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The Music is over and the attendees have left, and hopefully showered finally, but there is still a lot of festival operations left.

One of the most time sensitive and often customer centric operations are the post-event Lost & Found. Get prepared to have a bunch of random stuff in your office as we dive into what a post-event L&F might look like.

Police Lost & Found Costs UK $1.95 Million Annually

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Uk police are calling Lost & Found Quits or Lost Property as they say across the pond.

As police continue to pull back important services they identify as “community services” we start to wonder, “what are the police really for?”

Then we realize that is a bit too philosophical for this blog piece so we just dig into what is the community suppose to do if they don’t have a lost property service anymore.

Samsung IMEI Number

Find my phones IMEI number

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Decrypting the mysterious but occasionally vitally important acronym IMEI. This number will help save your but if you lose your phone, need to report anything for insurance purposes, and how to store the info for later use.

Google Cloud Summit: Machine Learning for Lost & Found

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The age old question of hotdog or not a hotdog? The Liff Happens Crew is at the Google Cloud Summit get our learning on with some of the best minds on Machine Learning, some really cool tech, and of course how all this may apply to solving the debilitating problem of losing your keys.

Missing or lost wallet

Lost wallet! Now what?!?!?!?

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Oh (insert favorite swear here)!?!?!? You’ve gone and done it again. Your wallet is gone and you still have no clue what to do now.

Don’t worry your self one bit. We’ve brought together the steps you should consider and we will try to help get you back on track.

Find My iPhone Tips and Tricks

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One of the most important tools when your phone is lost or stolen, Find My Phone/Device.

A quick overview on what it is and what to expect when you need to use it.