Share Phone Location with a Friend

Phone theft at festivals and abroad is becoming a massive headache. As phones get fancier and more integral to our lives, they become prime targets for thieves.

At Liff Happens, we handle lost and found with impressive success (seriously, if it gets to us, it usually finds its way back to you—but getting it to us is the tricky part).

So, we’re shifting our focus to battling theft by preventing it, helping authorities track down devices, and reuniting them with their rightful (and probably relieved) owners.

Pro tip: Before heading to an event, share your location (i.e., your phone’s location) with a friend. It’s great for finding friends and a lifesaver if your phone goes MIA. Trust us, setting this up beforehand is a lot less stressful than trying to do it after your phone vanishes.

Here’s how to do it on iPhones:

  1. Open Find My
  2. Select the People tab
  3. Click the + icon in the top right
  4. Add your onsite friends

This can streamline the recovery process and provide valuable info to help us help authorities later on.

Share location with a friend

Coordination with Authority

Coachella 24 Indio Police Phones

As a small and slightly quirky startup, partnering with the cops wasn’t exactly on our bingo card. While we’re all about being upstanding citizens, admittedly, authority figures still give us the jitters.

But then 2024 Coachella rolled around, and we got the chance to work with Indio PD. Turns out, they’re a very cool bunch, and we managed to make a significant impact together.

The Guest Services team, using the Liff App, was able to team up with the PD to locate suspects, recover devices, and return over 60 phones. And that’s just scratching the surface.