Why Lost and Found?

Loss sucks; it’s painful for the individual and far too challenging for the organization, plus it’s a massively common problem; in 2017, it was estimated that 70 million smartphones are lost annually. Ouch!

Yet, the Lost and Found process hasn’t had a decent update in ages. So we’re trying to change that. 

Who are 'we'?

Some brothers with far too much Lost and Found experience, a dash of technical know-how, and the imposing goal of helping to return the worlds’ lost stuff.

What is 'Liff'?

As massive Hitchhiker’s Guide fans and under the assumption that no one cares about the name of the company–they want their stuff back; we took inspiration from the late author Douglas Adams, as defined in his book The Meaning of Liff:

Liff (n.) a common object or experience for which no word yet exists.

We thought it quite fitting. PS: Don’t Panic!

How are we doing it?

Liff Happens Festival Partners

Festivals and Events know all too well that loss is a problem! Thankfully, several major event took the chance on some of our more unconventional ideas to develop a better customer experience and easier staff process in Lost and Found.

As a result, in our first 18 months of existence, we helped return more than Four Million Dollars in stuff back to their owners. We’re eternally grateful for our early adopters and ecstatic at the opportunity to return more stuff!