Finding Items at Scale

Remove the barriers to customers finding the items they’re searching for. Search found items 24/7.

Check out a video about Lost and Found at Live Events:

Increase Returns

Reduce Anxiety

Save Time

"Online with pictures included! Making it organized by item was extremely helpful as well. The quickest and best lost and found experience I've ever had!!"
Firefly Music Festival

Organized from the Start

Easy organization starting at the moment property is found. Smart Labels help the team track found property every step of the process, from found to return. 

No more wondering if you have the right item or asking for updates. Just scan it and know!


Phone Lost and Found Label
CFG Self Service Lost and Found

Self Service

Consumers know what they lost and now they can search the found property 24/7.

No gatekeepers, no waiting, and more returns!

Integrated Shipping

Seamlessly return found property to owners, virtually anywhere in the world through integrated shipping. 

Print and ship… that’s it!

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