Work better, together.

The Liff App is more than just pictures on the internet — it’s a better way to work.

Teams that switch to the Liff App are more productive and better organized. They stop ‘losing’ time in the lost and found and start delivering happier experiences to their customers. 

Here’s how the Liff App makes it happen.

Get organized and stay that way with Item Labels.

Lost and Found Log Flow

With the Liff App, the team orders the chaos of found property through a guided logging process. Once entered, each item label contains everything related to the job to be done, plus a handy QR code to track and manage property throughout the Lost and Found process.

How it’s better: unlike spreadsheets and traditional logging practices, where you’re collecting whatever data the person might find important at the time, the Liff App guides users to the essential information, tools like ID Scanning, Credit Card Swipes, and Protect automatically capture data in seconds, while item labels keep inventory tidy and organized.

Give the gift of transparency

"Online with pictures included! Making it organized by item was extremely helpful as well. The quickest and best lost and found experience I've ever had!!"
Festival Attendee
EDC Lost and Found Item Page

A picture saves a thousand hours; or something like that. Using an image creates transparency, saves time while logging, and reduces customer anxiety with a 24/7 accessible lost and found catalog. Eliminate ‘matching’ tasks and all the “Do you have…?” questions, especially voicemails, by letting customers search for their stuff directly.

How it’s better: unlike typical loss reporting, where your team squanders time playing telephone or digging through found items, the Liff App removes barriers for your customer. Letting them find it themselves–reducing disruption so your team can focus on finding owners and getting more stuff back.

A Simple Yes or No

When customers are looking to get their stuff back, the Liff App isn’t a lost and found vending machine; their information lands in Claims–where your team determines the ownership of the item. Yes and they get it back, No and they go back to searching.

Process Lost and Found Claims

Inside the Liff App;
all you need to get work done.

Customer Messaging

Post updates, send emails, add a map, list hours, and simply keep your customers informed.

Daily To-Dos

Never have a task fall through the cracks by managing daily lost and found duties with your To-Do lists.

Protect Property

Reduce lost and improve return rate by having customers securely register property with Protect.

Notify Owners

Don't wait for consumers to come looking; notify owners by postcard, SMS message, and email.

Easy Shipping

Consumers can't always stop by for pickups; the Liff App makes shipping returns simple.

Analytics & Reporting

If you don't measure, did it even happen? Everything happens in the Liff App with daily activity reports.

Festival or an Event?
We've got services too!

On-site Support

Ring the bell

You’re the best at putting on events; we’re the best at putting on Lost and Found… let’s combine those bests. 

We’ll set it up, so your people knock it out of the park!

  • On-site Hardware
  • On-site Training
  • Set up, trouble-shooting, and break down

Post-Event Management

Post-event lost and found shipping

Events are temporary, but Lost and Found is forever–well, not forever, but it does tend to carry on after you’ve packed up and left. 

Send it to us, and our expert team will take care of it for you.

  • Customer Communication
  • Package Fulfillment
  • Branded Inserts
"Benji and the team bring powerful tech and are always innovating on the Lost & Found front... They carry great attitudes when interacting with our fans, knowing that they are dealing with folks who are in a moment of crisis after losing something very valuable... They're a true pleasure!"
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Jack Preis
Management & Digital Director, Lost Lands Music Festival

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