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Crowdsourcing the Found

Save staff time and customer grief by removing the barriers to search.

Self Service Portal

Step one for your customer. We drop in the Liff App right where customers are already looking to contact you (most likely your website & mobile app). 

Not currently open? Not a worry as the 24/7 digital access provides precious comfort to customers now knowing their item is safe and sound. 

Redacted Credit Card

Security Concerns?

On other platforms or processes those concerns may be warranted. Some people are just putting pictures on the internet. 

Meanwhile, the Liff App identifies sensitive data and redacts the information before upload and storage. So no credit card numbers stored in here, but I can’t promise that for other folks.

Ease of Return

Finding the item is only half the battle. Provide a smooth return process with a checkout on pickup or automate your return shipping. 

Skip the logistics expertise and let the Liff App do the reunion heavy lifting.

Example of Liff Shipping Label

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