Loss drowns out the music!

Loss at live events is a big problem. Your team has been planning the event for months, meticulously crafting an exceptional experience for your attendees, but one stolen phone and that experience crumbles.

Festival teams that switch to the Liff App provide attendees with the tools to avoid the negative experience of loss and gain the crowd’s trust through a transparent and proactive process.

Liff Happens took our lost and found operation to the next level. Not only did it provide the transparency of found items in real time, it allowed us to return items that much sooner and get fans back to enjoying the festival.​

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Vicky Garza

Guest Services Manager, Coachella Music Festival

Organize the Chaos

Lost and Found Log Flow

The onsite team needs to be ready to handle lots of stuff; a flood of found items, and the people looking for them. Keeping everything organized is a crucial first step to delivering excellent customer service and saves a ton of frustration for your team.

The Liff App keeps it organized and manages the scale through an easy-to-use application and handy item labels to sort the found property as it arrives.

Technology to Eliminate Lines

Between beer, the bathroom, and security, there are already enough lines at Live Events; we don’t need to add another one to Lost and Found.

The Liff App helps your attendees skip the line through a virtual ‘lost and found box’; searchable 24/7 from anywhere. No need to miss a set when you can check if your stuff is found anytime.

EDC Lost and Found Item Page

“Loved the simplicity of finding lost items!”

Coachella Music Festival

Texts of Joy

Losing something sucks! Your attendees are a bit stressed when it happens and aren’t the most engaged customers at the time. So why are you waiting around for them to go looking for their stuff?

The Liff App uses available data, like our latest integration with Front Gate Tickets, to notify attendees we found their stuff and where they need to go.

“10/10. That text to me was life saving!”

Firefly Music Festival

Ringing the bell

Stop loss–before it happens

Lost Lands Protect Wallpaper

Lost and stolen phones plague the festival experience, help address the problem with Liff App Protect; attendees securely connect contact information with the device and register them directly with the Lost and Found. 


How’s it better: protect personal information and avoid phishing attacks, recovery even after the sim card is removed, increased returns by guiding finders, and reduced loss through increased awareness. 

We've got services too!​

On-site Support

Ring the bell

You’re the best at putting on events; we’re the best at putting on Lost and Found… let’s combine those bests. 

We’ll set it up, so your people knock it out of the park!

  • On-site Hardware
  • On-site Training
  • Set up, trouble-shooting, and break down

Post-Event Management

Post-event lost and found shipping

Events are temporary, but Lost and Found is forever–well, not forever, but it does tend to carry on after you’ve packed up and left. 

Send it to us, and our expert team will take care of it for you.

  • Customer Communication
  • Package Fulfillment
  • Branded Inserts

“Literally got it in less than 48 hours from the time I clicked “shipping” to my mailbox 👏👏👏”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“Shipped back my lost item immediately! Thank you :)”

Okeechobee Music Festival

“Easy to identify my items and they were shipped fast.”

Firefly Music Festival

“I saw my screensaver on the website and let them know it was mine and received it in the mail a couple days later (: … I’m so happy, thank you so so so much!!!!”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“I received a text from the company that they found my item and sent me a link to help me have it shipped. Super easy and convenient.”

Coachella Music Festival

“You guys are freaking awesome thanks for getting my phone back to me!

Okeechobee Music Festival

Let's fix loss together:

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