Lost and Found Software for Live Events

  • Skip the long lines
  • Stay organized at any scale
  • Post-event management

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Skip the Lines and Return more Stuff

Eliminate lines and get attendees back to the music. 

Self-Service Lost and Found Software for Live Events make waiting around in lines a thing of the past. Empower attendees to search for their missing property directly, 24/7. 

No more gatekeepers. Less work, more returns, and happier customers.

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Organized from the Start

Save time and frustration with Lost and Found software to keep property organized at login. Thermally printed property labels track found items as they enter and leave the lost and found tent.

Never “lose” a found item again.

Turn loss into Joy

Returns onsite are 10x better than after the event. Delight your customers, quickly return them to the experience, and help skip the anxiety of boarding a flight without a wallet.

Liff App proactive tools like Match Mode and Front Gate Ticket integrations get more found stuff back to their owners in a far shorter time.

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Post-Event Item Shipping

Return after an event is still important, since found property during event cleanup is common. How do you help attendees recover their valuables? 

Shipping has never been easier when your customers handle address entry and payment for you. 

Just pick, pack, and ship it out.

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