A large-scale problem
requires a large-scale solution

Lost and Found at an Airport is a special kind of problem—some of the most highly-trafficked venues often mean the most lost stuff. 

For consumers, this is particularly challenging as they carry more stuff than usual, the items are travel essentials, and consumers aren’t prepared for a valuable going missing, especially a phone.

For your team, loads of travelers mean a flood of found items and customer inquiries–plus near-constant wringing phones. Organizing property, transferring items, shipping & logistics, customer support, calling travelers, and disposing of property are just a few of the everyday challenges your team encounters running a Lost and Found.

There’s a better way and with the Liff App here’s how: 

Eliminate phone calls;
deliver a better experience

EDC Lost and Found Item Page

Finding a lost item for travelers can be a daunting task; multiple points of contact, a high anxiety problem, and an agonizingly long wait for help. Meanwhile, your lost and found team gets bombarded with time-consuming phone calls and voicemails, barely leaving time to think, let alone return found property.

How it’s better: unlike typical loss reporting tools, with the Liff App, customers can search for their items directly– eliminating customer anxiety, the constant back and forth, and persistent ringing (however, it doesn’t cure that lingering tinnitus).

Secure the process and save time with Yes or No

When travelers are looking to get their stuff back, the Liff App isn’t a lost and found vending machine; their loss report lands in Claims–where your team determines the ownership of the item. Yes and they get it back, No and they’re guided to continue searching.

Process Lost and Found Claims

Even returning items at an airport can be a struggle; often, the owner is no longer nearby. Shipping is a clear solution but can get complicated–forcing customers to get a FedEx number, emailing or mailing in labels, calling third parties to complete shipping and payment, or simply not offering a shipping option at all.

How it’s better: the Liff App guides your customer directly through the available return options, allowing your team to fulfill shipped items quickly–simply pick, pack, and ship. Plus, tracking and carrier notifications are automatically sent to the owner and updates item status in the Liff App.

Item management designed for Lost and Found.

Lost and Found Log Flow

A large airport can see tens of thousands of found items pass through their lost and found annually. Tons of property leads to a litany of problems; losing items in the lost and found, wasted time rechecking everything, and an overwhelmed team struggling to keep everything straight.

How it’s better: the intuitive logging process guides your team to the minimum information needed to for the return and organization of the found items. Liff’s removable item labels then keep found property tidy and ensure a complete custody chain, so your team never doubts if they have the correct item or not.

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