Transparency doing the work for you.

Loss is a big problem; teams that switch to the Liff App are more productive and deliver a better customer experience through a transparent process. Increased accessibility lets customers immediately solve their problems and saves your team effort with far better outcomes.

Here’s how the Liff App makes it happen.

EDC Lost and Found Item Page

A picture saves a thousand hours; or something like that. The image improves transparency, saves time while logging, and reduces customer anxiety with a 24/7 accessible lost and found catalog. Eliminate ‘matching’ tasks and all the “Do you have…?” questions, especially voicemails, by letting customers search for their stuff directly.

How it’s better: unlike typical loss reporting, where your team wastes time playing telephone to search through found items, the Liff App removes obstacles to customers finding their stuff–reducing disruption to let your team focus on verifying ownership and getting more stuff back to your customers.

Happier with the Liff App

What customers have to say about their experience with the Liff App:

“They had a picture of my phone as soon as I got home, so I didn’t have to figure out how to call someone to find out if they had it”

Firefly Music Festival

“…being able to locate my ID just by searching my name and how simple everything was!”

Firefly Music Festival

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…I can’t thank you enough” 

Okeechobee Music Festival

“Online with pictures included! Making it organized by item was extremely helpful as well. The quickest and best lost and found experience I’ve ever had!!”

Firefly Music Festival

“Loved the simplicity of finding lost items!”

Coachella Music Festival

“Very efficient, I received a text saying it was lost, I didn’t even know it was missing until I got the text.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

I saw my screensaver on the website and let them know it was mine… (: I’m so happy and thankful, thank you so much for reuniting me with all my pics and stuff that are on my phone and v priceless!!! I’m so happy, thank you so so so much!!!!

Okeechobee Music Festival

“I love how easy it was to find my wallet with their QR code system.”

Coachella Music Festival

Simple Yes or No

When customers are looking to get their stuff back, it isn’t a lost and found vending machine; their message lands in Claims–where your team determines the ownership of the item. Yes and they get it back, No and they go back to searching.

Lost and Found Claims

Proactive returns w/ Match Mode

Unlike regular Lost and Found processes, the Liff App gives your team the power to let customers know their stuff has been found. Through Match Mode, your team can use found item information to locate and inform owners where to get their property back, plus our data integrations with partners like Front Gate Tickets make this 3x more effective.

Front Gate Integration

Chat about Lost and Found:

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