Proactively Shouting

"Hey, we have you stuff!"

Ever get annoyed that your customers never stopped by looking for their stuff? They aren’t too thrilled either, so we made Match Mode to let people know…

“Hey, we have your stuff!”

Match Mode

With the Liff App, you start with the found property to look up contact information on owners and notify them on where to look for it. A wallet sitting in the Lost and Found all day means an unhappy customer, oh and purchasing power just sitting sidelined.

How it’s better: a passive lost and found process, Match Mode helps your customers skip the grim experience of realizing something is missing and the struggle to go searching for it. Surprise and delight your customers while helping reduce future lines.

Happier with the Liff App

What customers have to say about their experience with Match Mode from the Liff App:

 “Excellent and efficient system!… One of my friends in my group lost her wallet on day 1, and she didn’t even realize it was missing until she got a message from lost the found telling her to come get it! It could’ve been a disaster, we had a flight to catch! Had her back before she even knew what happened!”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“My boyfriend lost his phone and they alerted me they had it within the hour! Thank you so much!” 

Lost Lands Music Festival

“Very efficient, I received a text saying it was lost, I didn’t even know it was missing until I got the text.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“10/10. That text to me was life saving!”

Firefly Music Festival

“You guys went above and beyond and compared the name on my ID to the ticket I bought to get my contact info and notify me that I lost my ID”

Coachella Music Festival

Messages in the Mailbox

Some customers stubbornly ignore your messages, or they also lost their phone. Go above and beyond with communication they’d least expect, the mail.

Match Mode goes even further by sending Branded Postcards to owners’ addresses, letting them know where to locate their property. 

They get so few letters, and these are ones your customers love!

Postcards in Match Mode
"Liff Happens took our lost and found operation to the next level. Not only did it provide the transparency of found items in real time, it allowed us to return items that much sooner and get fans back to enjoying the festival."
Vicky Garza Goldenvoice Director Headshot
Vicky Garza
Director of Guest Services, Coachella Music Festival

Chat Lost and Found:

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