Don't let found items sit around.

Before the Liff App: Your team is twiddling their thumbs waiting for your customers to “find” the Lost and Found; meanwhile, anxiety grows, found items pile up, and loss continues to create negative customer experiences.

After the Liff App: Found items match contact records, your customers receive delightful notifications on where to pick them up–return more stuff, deliver better experiences, and leave less stuff sitting around.

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Finally, a CRM for Lost and Found

A CRM or Customer Relationship Manager is a common and powerful tool for service and support teams to provide exceptional customer experiences.

The Liff App pulls in customer data, message history, and found property activity alongside every logged item so you can deliver faster, more personalized support to return more stuff.

"Life-saving" Notifications

Loss is a challenging experience, a little bit of help has a huge impact, creating extremely grateful customers.

“10/10. That text to me was life saving!”

Firefly Music Festival

“They let me know where it was and I was able to go get it!”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“I thought the postcard was very impressive. Glad to know an event has its s*** more together than I did!”

Coachella Music Festival

“You guys reached out to me when you found my ID…..both times!”

Coachella Music Festival

“Very efficient, I received a text saying it was lost, I didn’t even know it was missing until I got the text.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“They texted me saying they found it! How cool!”

Firefly Music Festival

“You guys went above and beyond and compared the name on my ID to the ticket I bought to get my contact info and notify me that I lost my ID”

Coachella Music Festival

“I was so thankful someone turned it in and so thankful Lost Lands contacted me first thing the next day. It was easy to find the lost and found tent and everyone was so helpful.”

Lost Lands Music Festival

Data for Good.

Surprise and delight your customers by using available data to do good! The Liff App integrates with data sources, like Front Gate Tickets, to proactively match found items with customer records, notify owners, and return items 3x faster.

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