Find focus, let the experts take over.

Lost and Found isn’t a core area of expertise for your team, so why are you volunteering to do it? The Liff Happens team can take over the Lost and Found after the event; while we deliver expert customer service, your team can concentrate on the next event.

Here’s how the Liff team makes it happen:

Audit & Logging

Liff reviews all the items upon arrival and quickly catalogs found items to be available for claims.

Notify Owners

Liff takes an active role to get stuff back; notifying owners through postcards, SMS messages, and email.

Quick Shipping

Lost stuff is crucial to your customers–Liff's dedicated shipping process gets items back home asap!

Brand Inserts

Liff fulfillment can surprise and delight your customers with branded shipping inserts, like stickers or notes!

Item Disposal

Not all items get returned; upon expiration Liff responsibly disposes of property with all recovered value donated to charity.

Analytics & Reporting

If you don't measure, did it even happen? Everything happens in the Liff App with insights from the summary action reports.

Traditional Mail = Surprise and Delight

The Liff App is the latest technology in Lost and Found, but by leveraging traditional communication, we surprise and delight your customers. Branded Postcards inform owners their property has been found and where they can go to claim it!

Postcards in Match Mode

Happier with the Liff App

What customers have to say about their experience of Post-Event with Liff Happens:

“I thought the postcard was very impressive. Glad to know an event has its s*** more together than I did!”

Coachella Music Festival

“Literally got it in less than 48 hours from the time I clicked “shipping” to my mailbox 👏👏👏”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“I saw my screensaver on the website and let them know it was mine and received it in the mail a couple days later (: … I’m so happy, thank you so so so much!!!!”

Lost Lands Music Festival

“Easy to identify my items and they were shipped fast.”

Firefly Music Festival

“I received a text from the company that they found my item and sent me a link to help me have it shipped. Super easy and convenient.”

Coachella Music Festival

“You guys are freaking awesome thanks for getting my phone back to me!

Okeechobee Music Festival

Chat Lost and Found

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