Protect stuff, before it gets lost.​

Customers really like their stuff, that’s probably why they bought it. Help them keep it safe by securely connecting their contact info to their items with Protect from the Liff App. Avoid the negative experience altogether.

Coachella Protect Register

With the Liff App, customers register valuables directly with the Lost and Found before the event, and a loss occurs. Protect-ed items are lost at a significantly lower rate, have a reduced disruption on customer experience, expedite returns, and generate tons of goodwill; plus, they’re cool. 

How it’s better: unlike listing contact info on a home screen, your (and your friends’) data is securely connected to the registered items–removing the risk of getting phished. Plus, the Liff App automatically populates registered information and notifies the listed contact at the point of log.

Happier with the Liff App

What customers have to say about their experience with Protect from the Liff App:

They texted me saying they found it! How cool!


Firefly Music Festival

“Last year, people could make a custom QR code as their lock screen… One of my friends lost her phone last year and we got an email where to find it in about 15 min; it was a godsend!”


Lost Lands Music Festival

“Tomorrow is the big day! Don’t forget to register your phone and change your wallpaper! 📱Huge thanks to Liff Happens for this awesome program! 👏”


Firefly Music Festival

“My boyfriend lost his phone and they alerted me they had it within the hour! Thank you so much!” 


Lost Lands Music Festival

“How can anyone say this isn’t the best music festival ever… always thinking of how people can be helped. So f***in excited to be back home 💖”


Lost Lands Music Festival

“Lost lands setting the standard as usual 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻”


Lost Lands Music Festival

Extend protection even further

Until an app replaces your wallet, keys, and backpack (we’re not sure how that’ll work but someone is working on it) your customers have a few additional items you want to protect. 

Protect Tags extend benefits to those additional items your customers want to keep safe.

Protect Tags
"Switching to Liff Happens was a game changer for our Guest Services team. Waiting in a long line or missing an artist isn’t the experience we ever want for festival goers, so being able to offer LH’s tools, like Protect, really streamlines the return process in the event their item is found."
Vicky Garza Goldenvoice Director Headshot
Vicky Garza
Guest Services Manager, Coachella Music Festival

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