Prohibited Items & Security

Basically, a list of all the things security is going to take from and most likely never see it again. Totally a “you’ve been warned list!”

Speakers & Audio Equipment

A fairly new change for Festivals like Coachella but an expensive loss. Check the prohibited list to see if there are new sound rules and limitations. Don’t lose that sweet sound for good.
Girl staring into mirror


A common one people miss are mirrors and glass bottles. Glass is a popular prohibited so if you want to make sure your Makeup is on point or just bringing some refreshing drinks then you better opt for plastic. 


If you can swing it with some force they will take it from you. Like your sweet Yeti Water Bottle

This includes grills, hammers, wrenches (really all tools), knives, and so on. Most people don’t think about the items in their car before packing up. Give the car a good once over before loading up.
pile of random items


Don’t lose your drone because you thought you could sneak it in. That’ll be an expensive and annoying lesson. Security can be irritable and doesn’t have the best decision making so avoid them making call entirely by leaving it at home.

Alcohol & Illicit Substances 

The Alcohol policy is typically very strictly enforced (gotta that extra more money). Make sure you are following the acceptable amounts per person and remember no glass. 

As for drugs and other substances. You will be searched and they’ll find stuff so just skip that hassle & anxiety by not bringing it. 

Side Note: Even if Mary Jane is legal.. festivals are private property and might not allow it. Check that prohibited list.