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What is a QR Code?

QR Codes, or quick response codes, are a type of bar code where different kinds of data, such as website URLs or numbers, are coded. It is specifically used for compact encoding of specific data, which can be quickly read by devices. We use QR Codes for Lost and Found but they can be useful in a bunch of ways.

Firefly QR Code for Lost and Found
Some QR Codes are fancier than others

Recently, mobile devices have started to decode these barcodes by default with the camera applications. You can try it out by trying to take a picture of the example above. 

Additionally, many of the common apps you use have adopted versions of QR Codes to help increase sharing, following, or looking up information within apps. For example:

Twitter QR Code for Liff Happens

How to scan QR codes:

Nowadays its super easy. Most phone operating systems (or OS) decode QR codes from the camera application by default. So the iPhone instructions are a little short:

  1. Open Camera
  2. Point at QR Code
  3. Tap Notification Bar
  4. Follow us on Twitter
Scanning a QR code

QR Codes for Lost and Found

QR codes for Lost and Found are an amazing tool to help track items, recall contact information, and manage a the check out process. 

The Liff App generates QR Codes to label and track newly logged items. Wouldn’t want any of those found items walking away. Just one of the many ways to adopt the new mobile standard and use the coded information for a more effective process.

Liff Happens Item Tags

Chat with Liff about QR Codes

Drop us a line to chat about sweet sweet QR Codes or really anything else. Alternatively, just follow those instructions above and get some interesting Tweets in your feed.