Why we are asking for this info:

Phones, wallets, and keys oh my!

People lose stuff, a lot of stuff. Typically, it’s a phone, wallet, keys, or ID.

The Liff Happens Team is partnering with music festivals and other organizations all across the country to help get those items back to you faster, while trying to ease the pain of loss in the meantime.

Liff phone labels
Protect Tags v3

Why this information?

We compare the registered information against any items found. Once matched you, or your friend (can’t call you when your phone is missing) is contacted to reunite you with the formerly missing item.

  • No Lines
  • No Waiting
  • No Worry

Want more than just your phone covered? Us too…

So we’re working on expanding Protect to include other property through easy to use tags or similar concepts, like Apple AirTags (never Tile though).

The Festival is over but your item is still missing?

Don’t Panic! It’s common for items to show up after an event has ended, often from other attendees letting us know they found something but didn’t drop it off. 

No worries at all as the Liff App can coordinate returns by shipment to virtually anywhere in the world.