Lost Lands Lost and Found

First off if you lost something at Lost Lands then definitely search the Lost Lands Lost and Found below:

Lost Lands Lost and Found Postcard

So... Lost Lands Music Festival

1,000,000 Watts of Bass! Plus some pretty sweet dinosaur pics!

The Lost Lands Music Festival started in September of 2018 located at Legend Valley, Ohio. A more appropriate named venue could not be found. As an EDM Music Festival it stands out quite uniquely with insanely awesome Dinosaur backdrop. 

Still haven’t gotten your ticket yet for 2019 well head on over to the Lost Lands Festival website.

Lost Lands Festival Dinosaur picture
Cue the Jurassic Park theme music

So... why Lost Lands Lost and Found?

1,000,000 watts of Bass and some rather distracting Dinosaurs quickly lead attendees to losing important items. So the Liff Happens crew was brought in to help save them from themselves. Lost items can not only distract from the experience but can cause actual harm when you get back to real life. 

Side note: Losing that wallet will certainly sting when you arrive at the DMV.

So how did it go?

The Lost Lands Lost and Found went incredibly well… obviously. But you can make the call as we’ve provided a few of the right. What you don’t see there however is the value weighted return rate.

Value weighted return rate: All items are given an estimated value for the items, example an iPhone 8 may be estimated at $400 while a shirt might be valued at $12. The rate is determined by the amount of value returned over amount of value found.

So for the Lost Lands Lost and Found the value weight return rate was actually 91.78%. Crazy!

Lost Lands Lost and Found Stats
Those are good looking numbers...

Almost 92% that's pretty good.

Thank you. We thought so too, but it took a lot of effort to get to that point. Plus it’s not 100% so lets not pat our selves on the back too hard.

Lost and Found seems pretty simple though.

It seems like it and often time it can be, except when you all try to complicate it. For Lost Lands Lost and Found we had to tackle a lot of common lost and found hurdles.


Awareness on how to turn stuff in or where to go when something is missing can get super complicated very quickly. For example: a person might check google, ask a rando, look for a map, stop by vendors, try calling or emailing or social media or just wandering aimlessly, and so on.

Loss is a narrow experience that you don’t run into often enough to be good at it but happens enough to really hurt. So at Lost Lands we got ahead of the loss and raised awareness on how it works with the Liff App Pre-registration (pst you can pre-register for 2019 here).

Go on and explain Pre-registration...

Oh, I will. Liff App Pre-registration actually lets attendees “register” their items with the lost and found before they go missing. An attendee adds

  1. Item information
  2. A preferred contact or friend (can’t call the person when we have their phone)
  3. Add a custom QR code Lock Screen
Pretty straightforward. If an item shows up we can contact the attendee immediately, hence the super quick return times, and leading up to that we have the opportunity to educate the attendees on how Lost and Found works before they desperately need that info.
Lost Lands Lost and Found pre-registration phone screen


Learn about all the other tools and approaches the Liff Happens team used to make an amazing Lost Lands Lost and Found experience on our solutions page. Otherwise, if you have any immediate questions or just want to chat then drop us a note with the button or socials below: