Tickets + Lost and Found = Magic

A very exciting partnership to deliver a novel experience to festival attendees (if we ever get back to having festivals again). The integration of Front Gate Tickets’ RFID technology and ticket database will help to reduce loss at festivals, speed up item return to owners, support seamless onsite operations, and deliver an extraordinary fan experience.

Welcome to the future folks!

Proactive Notifications

Waiting around hoping that customers stumble across the Lost & Found isn’t an ideal customer experience strategy. Instead, we help festivals take an active approach to resolving the negative experience of loss through Proactive Notifications.

Proactive Notifications are outbound messages to customers using contact information from found property.

By reducing the time to return (basically not letting items sit around in Lost and Found) the attendee recovers significantly more of their experience, which is quite beneficial for the festival, and reduces the peak total items to free up staff time.

Registered Items

The best Lost and Found isn’t one. Through Protect Preregistration, festival attendees register their important items directly with the Lost and Found, imagine how neat this is with FGT. Once completed, the attendee receives helpful tips on how to avoid losing stuff plus they get sweet festival branded QR Codes to add to their items.

How do QR Codes help with Lost and Found you ask? 

  • QR Codes (when scanned) tell other attendees where to turn items in
  • Scanned by Lost and Found staff, items are automatically logged with notifications sent to the owner (and the listed contact)
  • Individuals taking steps to protect an item show a reduced chance of loss.
Protect Lost Lands

Match Mode

Not all items will have QR Codes. Unfortunately, that means we can’t notify owners the instant they are logged, but this is where the Liff App with ticketing data using Match Mode shines.

In Match Mode:

  1. The staff starts with a logged item.
  2. Item details, like a name from an ID, are compared to ticket records.
  3. Matching information triggers a notification to owners using contact information within the ticket records(email or text message)

So… a mode where you match stuff? Our naming conventions aren’t very subtle but highly effective.


As a last resort (but one of my personal favorites), the Liff App mails festival branded Postcards to owners of remaining items with associated address data, typically wallets and ID Cards.

These cards are a delightful surprise for attendees missing items as well as an incredibly effective awareness tool for the Lost & Found process. Instructions on the card guide the attendee to claim their items online and are quickly reunited by mail.

These are just the few ways we are using data to help make the Lost and Found process work. If this sparkles joy or just want to chat… well then