Item Alerts

If you don’t find your item, an Item Alert is a different way for you to stay updated on the process of Lost and Found.

The Old Way– you leave a description of what you lost and hope that an employee can match that description to find stuff in the future.

That’s a pretty… bad (💩) process, with meager success rates. 

  1. There are way more people looking for help than employees.
  2. You’re the expert at knowing what you’re missing.

So instead, we introduced Item Alerts, essentially keeping you, the expert, alerted of items as they are found. 

An Item Alert subscribes you to daily updates of found property–as new things are discovered, you stay connected to the process to find and claim your stuff.

iPhone Alert

Proactive Help

Of course, we don’t leave you stranded to search alone–the Liff App will compare your information against found property for several item categories, like wallets and IDs, so if something might match, we can let you know.

What Now?

Don’t lose hope! Items get turned in all the time, and we’ve helped return a ton of stuff to their owners. It can be challenging, but being patient will often be the best course of action. But you can also be proactive to improve the chance of recovering the property, reduce the harm of it missing, and speed the process back to normal if never found. Here are a few tips based on the type of items missing: