Lost and Found Identification Cards

Losing anything is never fun, and missing identification cards can be particularly challenging. Here’s a few things to keep in mind. 

Short-Term Need

Driving, getting on flights, proving you are you… all potential needs when an ID goes missing. You’ve already checked the Lost and Found, great start, but you might need a higher authority to signify you had a lost event. 

Filing a police report will help avoid possible complications down the road, like getting pulled over or boarding the flight. As for catching that flight, Corporate Travel Safety wrote a good article breaking down the process to board a domestic flight without an ID.

Reduce Harm

Identity theft can be an extremely frustrating and debilitating long term problem. For a missing ID, placing a fraud alert with the three major Credit Bureaus can help prevent identity theft: 


Not all items are found, so you might need to consider the replacement process.

Driver's License

Driver’s licenses or State IDs require a few steps to replace. The steps can vary on a state-by-state basis–head over to DMV.org for help navigating the process.


Lost passports can be especially challenging. Travel.state.gov can help you navigate the replacement process.

Vaccination Card

According to the CDC, you need to first contact your vaccine provider. If you can’t get a replacement through them, you need to contact your state health department.

Some state health departments have vaccination record websites to get your information.

If your state does not, it will have the contact information for officials who can help get your records.