How to find your Fitbit’s serial number

Lost your Fitbit smartwatch, and now you need to find the serial number to verify ownership or report it missing? Unlike Apple, Fitbit does not provide many options to locate the Serial number for any devices, but a few options are here.

Fitbit page

Go to your device setting, then click on your device. Look at the the URL of the page, the numbers after “tracker.” is your Fitbits I’d.

Look at the original packaging or box

Fitbit recommends locating your device’s serial number on your device’s original packaging–you should find a label on the side or bottom of your Fitbit box.

Fitbit Serial Number

Try contacting Fitbit Help

Contact Fitbit’s support team if you still can’t locate your Fitbit’s serial number.
Suppose you previously registered your Fitbit to your account by connecting and syncing your Fitbit device to the Fitbit app or via Fitbit Connect. In that case, the customer service representative should be able to provide you with the serial number.

That's it...

Unfortunately, Fitbit doesn’t provide many other options to locate the serial number or help very much at all to find and recover your device.