Lost and Found Live Events

An introduction to Lost and Found at Live Events and Music Festivals, hey remember them?

Video Transcript

Once upon a time, before COVID-19. People went to real events, attended in person. Events to dance, enjoy food & beer, listen to live music, evedo whatever that is… Events were popular. A hundred thousand people might show up at a festival, in Tennessee. But as the sun set, the headliner took the stage, and the attendees lost their shit. No, their actual shit. —– Lost property happens. And it happens a lot. Essential stuff. Like -your wallet and ID, -the magic box in your pocket that does everything for you at this point -oh, and the actual keys to your car. Good thing those items are safely cared for and organized at the lost and fou… nope. It’s a box… In a tent Somewhere at this festival Possibly. You might be freaking out. How will you catch a flight home without ID, and were the Airbnb keys in that bag? Take charge and solve this. -Grab the map. -Find Lost and Found. You’ve made it! But there’s a line Longer than expected Even longer than that. ———– Wait it out then tell the volunteer what you’re looking for, -um… like it’s a black iPhone with a picture of the galaxy on it. Searching through the items annnnnnnnd bam, back to normal annnnnnnd bam. Well F-(bleep) —————– Sigh- wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool to avoid this mess? Maybe something other events use to fix this problem, like a software applica… Oh hello. With the Liff App for Lost and Found, there’s no need to wait in line. Look for missing items right from the festival website and mobile app. Scroll through the found property, identify your missing item, and send in a claim. Plus, with partners like Front Gate Tickets, the Liff App can now connect found items to ticket purchases, owners receive an email or text message about their property, often before they knew it was gone. Once confirmed, stop by to pick it up—less rummaging through boxes and more celebrating returned essentials. —— Save your attendees from wasting hours waiting around for Lost and Found. Lost stuff of the past meet found technology from the future. Lost and Found with the Liff App