Returning Lost and Found Property

Returning or recovering lost and found property can be challenging; numerous companies have formed to tackle this problem, and… now we’re one of them.

Peer-to-peer returns can create some questions, so we are here to try to answer some of the more common ones.

Safety is the top priority. We always suggest the finder drop off the item at official lost and founds to ensure a consistent and safe process. But that’s not always possible.

So now they can anonymously message you to help coordinate a return. 

  • Don’t share personal or contact information if you don’t have to
  • Have the item shipped, couriered, or dropped off at a safe meeting place
    • Like a police station, library, or official lost and founds.

Nope! We connect you anonymously to protect your and the finder’s information. Do not feel obligated to give out any information you feel uncomfortable sharing.