Crowdsource Lost and Found Software Solution

Most of the problems in Lost and Found is created by crowds collectively misplacing stuff. In an airport, arena, music festival, and the every day shops, Lost and Found becomes a problem. 

The Liff App shows how a crowdsource lost and found software solution solves a lot of the common staff and customer problems that occur when trying to manage lost property.

Video Transcript

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a customer.

Nooooo, not the unlucky child of parents with poor naming ability, but a person embarking on a journey.

A journey that may take them to an arena for sport, or through an airport to an exotic new shore, maybe dancing to bards at a festival of music, or roller coasters…

No matter the venue, our customer has hit a bump in the road when a treasured item goes missing.

Fortunately, their trinket is found by venue staff, um… venue squires? Let’s call him Ron.

Ron sets aside the item among the other found treasure for safekeeping.

Noticing the absence, our customer frantically searches for aid—many messages by phone, electronic mail, and even small bird.

Ron leaps into action, scouring the lost and found, unearthing the trinket and returning it to our customer.

There was much rejoicing.

But this is not the end of our tale; Ron’s journey has only begun,

for there are many customers and many more phone calls, emails, and little bird tweets.

Some quite unfriendly.

No matter how hard Ron toils, he cannot keep up.

Limited kingdom hours and a low squire budget prevent customers from recovering their valuables.

Of course, with many Rons, the task is more manageable, but there is only one Ron.

There must be a better way.

Not a sword in the stone,

but the Liff App for Lost and Found shifts the dynamic of lost property.

Customers now search for their missing trinkets directly, anywhere in the kingdom, 24/7.

Phone calls and unplanned inquiries no longer burden Ron; instead, he quickly verifies ownership and returns items to the customer.

Plus, Ron can add newly found items in real-time, automatically updating those customers searching for property.

Ron saves time when customers claim items upfront—no longer needing to search for his customers, quickly confirming or denying, and delivering a swift outcome.

Happier customers, more returns, still only one Ron.

Lost items from the past meet found technology from the future—the Liff App for Lost and Found.

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