Festival Tips & Info from the Lost & Found

Data Backups

Often the data on our phone (contacts, pictures, text messages, and so on) can be more valuable than the device itself. Ensure that information doesn’t go missing by backing up your device with this handy guide. 

Set up your Medical ID & Emergency Contact

Quick guide on how to set up your medical ID and emergency contact and why this will help get your device returned if it goes missing.

Location Services

Find My iPhone & Find My Device are amazing tools if a phone goes missing but the catch is they need to be enabled. Check this quick guide to make sure it is set up and working.

Airplane Mode: Thieves Best Tool

Airplane mode, the Achilles heel of Find My iPhone, is an important tool for Phone Thieves to avoid being tracking stolen phones. By disabling access to airplane mode from the lock screen you can significantly increase the chances that a stolen or lost phone is returned.

Festival Anti-theft Fest Gear

Mobile Power Bank

Keeping the phone powered up when you are on the go will not only help prevent losing the device but can increase the chances of recovery if it goes missing (plus helps you avoid using Airplane Mode). An easy to use power bank will keep your devices charged up and connected.

A Phone Leash

It’s not just for children and dogs anymore. A Phone Leash helps prevent picking of pockets, knocking the phone from your hand, and just dropping the phone while still being in reach to get all them Snaps & Instas.

Secure Fannie Pack

Secure, waterproof, and accessible. This Running Belt will give you easy access to the rest of your important stuff while keeping it all secure to your body. 

Prohibited Items & Security

Don’t lose it cause it’s not allowed. Here is a common list of items and categories people most frequently lose on the way into the festival.