Lost and Found ID


The second part on the series to explore the important items we each carry around with us on a daily basis, and most often lose. As the second part of the series this one feels a little like a cop out as the subject is typically, but not always, found in the wallet. So without further delay… Lost and Found ID.

ID: What's it for?

Not the best question as the descriptor word tells you already. An Identification Card is used to show your Identification… but there are many different kinds of IDs and all can have different impacts or recovery methods.

IDs are typically the minimum requirement to do stuff. Such as:

  • Driving
  • Flying on a plane, internationally for sure but it can get annoying domestically without an ID
  • Booze
  • Renting that car
  • 1st step to get hassled by the police
ID card: passport

Lost and Found ID: Lost...

ID cards come in many different forms, like the passport, driver’s license, state ID, or green card. While you aren’t required to carry these around at all times, expect for the green card… you gotta have that one with you, they do frequently come in handy to do some of the cool stuff mentioned above. 


Theft targeting only an ID card is quite rare but instances of stealing a wallet or purse with an ID inside occurs most often. In these situations, the container (wallet or purse) is often ditched after the valuables, such as cash, have been removed. Those ditched items can then find their way to Lost and Found, which is where we take over.


Easily the most common way for people to be separated from their ID cards. You may not remove the ID card often, mine is always a struggle to get outta that little clear pocket, but when you do that’s the ideal time it will go missing. Frequent situations include: 

  • Age check at a bar
  • TSA security check
  • Renting a car and not putting it back
  • Pulling out other cards and that ID goes flying


Lost and Found ID: Found...

The type of ID has the largest impact on recovery steps and also the risk for the individual. But having it found will follow pretty much the exact same process.

Before Loss

  • Have a backup
    •  I know I know… it sounds like loser talk but when you’re attending an 18 or older festival and your ID goes missing, even if you eventually find it later, it might result in you not gaining entry. So it’s smart to store a backup in a secure area (like your car).
  • Keep it with low target items.
    •  Phones are a target for theft so if lost or taken you don’t want the ID to go missing with it.

Side Note: attending music festivals this is why you should register that wristband with accurate data. We use those records to let you know we found the item and how to pick it up. 

After Loss

Step 1: Don’t Panic!

Loss isn’t the end of the world and most often it is misplacement. So check your common areas and ask your friends. 

Still no luck you will want to check with the organizations Lost & Found department to see if an items has been turned in or there is a way to be contacted as items are found (this is where the register wristband step is very useful). Keep an eye out on the process but try to not let the negative experience create too much unneeded worry. 

If they use the Liff App Start the recovery process in the meantime.

Recovery without Finding

Having an idea of the worst case scenario is always a good idea. So you might not find it. Now what?

  1. Reduce your future risk
    • Identity theft can haunt a person for years.
  2. Address your immediate needs
    • Catching flights- you can get on a domestic flight without an ID but it takes some effort. Corporate Travel Safety wrote a good article breaking that process down.
    • Getting into the festival- if you don’t have a backup you might be over a barrel here but make sure to file a police report so you have reference material for the cause of loss and see if you can be persuasive.
  3. Start the recovery process
    • Passports- report that it’s missing at Travel.state.gov and start the replacement process they provide.
    • Drivers License- DMV.org (a private site) can help you start the by state process for what you’ll need to replace the missing ID.

Let us know if we missed anything or check out all the cool lost & found stuff we do to help with the inevitable situation that something has gone missing.