Firefly Festival Lost and Found 2019

First off if you lost something at Firefly in 2019 then search the Firefly Festival Lost & Found below:

Well... the 2019 Firefly Festival Lost & Found was great!

Firefly Lost and Found 2019 results
That's a pretty good Lost and Found right there...

What's the Firefly Music Festival again?

Oh boy did the “Great Atlantic Campout” deliver. New facilities, amenities upgrades, and the North Hub Beach Club was bomb.

The Firefly Music Festival brings in renowned headliners and emerging artists for a magical weekend in the woodlands of Dover,  Delaware. You can find out more here: Firefly Music Festival

Beach Clubbing it up

Cool... that all sounds neat but what's new?

It was totally neat (why do I keep saying neat?!??!). Also, we took our Lost & Found game up a few notches with the expansion of Pre-registration. Plus, kicked up the awareness on how Lost and Found works well before they needed that info.

What's Pre-registration?

Great question! (also like we set that one up) Pre-registration lets attendees add information about their phone, themselves, and a friend’s contact info then they get a custom festival QR code to put on their lock screen. It’s pretty cool and all pre-registered phones were returned in 17 minutes on average. 

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Firefly Pre-registration QR Code
Neat right?

That's it?

Tough crowd…

Well 17 minutes is pretty awesome but ya sure we also did other things. How about returning over $175,000 in stuff back to attendees? 90% of all the found value went back to the owners and we aren’t even done yet. Now that’s how to do a Firefly Lost and Found!

That's sort if impressive...

We like to think so but it’s more and more about helping avoid the loss in the first place. Then, if the thing does go missing we can help find and reunite it. Pre-registration is just one of the cool tools we are using to accomplish our mission.

What else?

We’re working on expanding Pre-registration even further to include other items, such as keys or bags. Phones are important but they aren’t the only important things that can go missing. Pre-registration phase 2 means we can help cover all the stuff you care about.

Lost and Found Property Tags
Also pretty neat

That’s a wrap for the 2019 Firefly Music Festival Lost & Found! Otherwise, we’re just back to the grind shipping back found items, getting feedback on user experience, and constantly improving the process. So if you have any thoughts comments or feedback then give us a shout below.